Davey is very happy to be a part of the KLSD staff. Davey is a senior at Arizona State University in the School of Dance, where he is working towards a BFA in Dance with a focus Lighting Design and Production. Davey is very actively involved at ASU, performing, choreographing, designing lights, and the has had the honor of holding the position of Vice President for the Student Advisory Board. Davey has been dancing for many years starting his dancing career at Sherry’s School of Dance and Gymnastics in Verona, Pa. After moving to Arizona Davey continued his dance training and ended up at Desert Vista High School. Davey received many forms of recognition at DVHS in Dance including Captain, Most Valuable Dancer, and Overall Best Choreographer. Since starting at ASU Davey has had the opportunity to continue his dance training studying with Karen Schupp, Mary Fitzgerald, Dr. Cynthia Roses-Thema, Shouze Ma, Nina Watt, David Dorfman, and many others. Davey has had the opportunity to dance professionally for Desert Dance Theater under the direction of Lisa Chow. Davey has been seen in the dance competition circuit working with some of the nation’s most talented dancers, teachers and choreographers. Davey has been teaching for many years, stating his teaching as an assistant at the young age of 12. He is a well rounded dancer/teacher/choreographer trained in many styles of dance. Davey is now and always has been very focused on teaching kids how to dance and how to use the love of it to grow and succeed. Davey is an avid believer of “Dancing with the feet is one thing while dancing with the heart is another.”

Lighting Designer

Davey Trujillo is a senior in the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts School of Dance, pursuing a BFA in Dance with a focus on Lighting Design and Production. He has served as a representative as well as the Vice President for the Student Advisory Board, performed in many works including the restaging of Jose Limon’s Missa Brevis, and is currently on the Dance Production Crew for his third year. Davey made his ASU lighting design premier in January 2008 for the New Danceworks III concert. Since then, Davey’s work has been seen in numerous works here at ASU including Master’s Thesis concerts, Senior Capstones, and Undergraduate Concerts. Davey is very happy to say that he is the first Undergraduate Student to light not only one Master’s Thesis concert but three. He honored to be the first to design the full light plot, the lights cues and stage manage for a Master’s Thesis concert. Davey works directly under his production mentors Mark C. Ammerman and Carolyn Koch, who allow him to grow and succeed. Without the help of these two people Davey would not have had the success he has today.

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