Boy By Rosemary

Boy - (1995)

The Boy video was very appealing to the eye as it initially began. It was also very interesting how the setting is on the beach and how the sand played a major part in setting the mood or feeling of the piece. Throughout the video, the subject is moving with lots of action and much expression. This means the camera is completely still while the subject is constantly moving. It was also very interesting to see how the camera at times would only capture certain parts of the body. The angles really stood out to me as I watched the video. This made it extremely interesting to view and kept me very motivated throughout the film. Also the setting brought further interest between the sand and the grass. This could actually be described as a prop for the boys to work with. One of the most amazing parts of the video was when the boy was making something in the sand and he then began chopping his hand through the figure. His focus was awesome to actually watch. It helped that the camera really focused allowing the viewer to actually see his expression and every fine detail. As a viewer, you could feel the energy coming from his focus. When actually feeling the energy, you feel you want to be inside the film which makes this piece very effective and very well done. This film also works very well because there is a mass amount of space for the boys to work and they made it so interesting by choosing the beach as the setting. The beach is also a perfect setting because it is influenced by water, sand and also grass as part of this film and gives a feeling of wind and sun and all kinds of changing environments. It also gives the audience something else to focus on besides watching the boys run around.

The choice of music was interesting as well. At one point when watching the film, I watched in silence and I actually enjoy it better. I felt like the use of silence was better for me to watch because with all the action going on, the silence allowed me to follow along and visualize more in my mind. Personally, I enjoyed this video and the way it was filmed. I think she did a wonderful job with the setting. The camera was very connected with the subject and the angles used also went very well with the subject. The energy between the two boys was amazing to watch. The fast movements were very clear to watch. I was also impressed with the sound including listening to the water or the boy playing with the sand. It was also interesting to see the time loops and how the camera would cross and dissolve through the senses. For example, at one point I am watching hand movements and then the camera will cross over and dissolve into another scene of the video. One of my favorite visuals of the video was how the camera will only capture certain parts of the boy. I think this makes it really interesting for the viewer to watch instead of seeing the overall body. Most videos are full body movements and certain parts of the body are always getting cut off the film which gives the viewer a feeling of confusion while waiting for the format to change. Showing only certain parts of the body is soothing on the eye and shows much more creativity.
Who would have thought I would be able to watch a film and be able to pick up on all these different techniques. I think it was amazing to watch this film and see the different angles being used as the subject is moving and the camera remains still.
For an outsider, the angle at which the subject is being shot decides how we as viewers look at the subject. As this film began, we could see how the director wanted the subject (boy) to be the main part or focus of the film because he made different angle choices in order to make the boy an important part of the film. In the film, I also found there were many eye level shots which are a common use of angle when filming. So when watching the film, many of the scenes were at good eye level for me to actually view the film. This allowed for a very good explanation of the story and provided me with an easy way to follow the video. I felt in some sections of the video, the camera was actually looking through the character’s eyes. This provided such a clear and concise use of focus.
I found myself very emotional from the film because of the way it was actually filmed. In particular, the close up moments with the boy’s eyes, you could actually feel what he was feeling and this mood was affected throughout the filming. There were not too many close up shots in the film because close ups would not show or display the background setting. Once again, throughout the entire film, I was able to view the background and really connect with the beautiful beach setting.
Everything in this video was nicely done, well executed and so enjoyable to watch. It was also a great learning for me to watch the video and apply what we have learned in class. My overall opinion is … a great video!

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