Final Project Spring 2010

My final project was supposed to be a person swimming through sand and did not happen for a number of reasons. The first reason was that the sand was to fine and would not hold a shape or even stay on the body, it was like powder. The second reason is that it would have taken a small army to move the sand in the way that it was needed for the film because it was so fine.

The end result of the shoot was an imprint. It was an impression, and it was a reaction. The desert on that day was not just a far off unimaginable place. It was real. Driving through and then standing on those endless sand dunes filled me with a sense of time that was cyclical in nature. The hills would just repeat visually, over and over as far as the eye could see. The sound scape was that of a soft wind and blowing sand with trees and leaves blowing in the background.
The entire video was stop motion and the sound was found sound.

After being in the desert I was left with a vast sense of humility and appreciation for the grandeur and power that nature holds. I wanted my audience to experience it, digest it, and then get lost in it in the same way that I did as I stood there on the tops of those massive sand dunes. Viscerally I was attempting to pass on my experiential knowledge of the experience to the viewer through simple editing both inside and outside of the camera, still as well as moving shots, and three hundred and sixty degree pans.

In this video I attempted to explore the moment at which you take what your seeing and internalize it and allow it to interact with your own experiences. I was attempting to leave the audience in a state of calm. Slowed breath and heartbeat, relaxed body, and in a mood for reflection and sensing.

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