my videoooo!


annnnnd my synopsis:

There are a few ideas behind the collaboration of my video “musicality”. From the beginning I wanted to do a study and work with some form of music. I started gathering and recording clips of a few of my friends playing three different instruments, the violin, keyboard and guitar. After I collected these, I was unsure at first how to put them all together into some sort of sequence that made sense. I soon then was introduced to the program “Garage Band” on MAC computers.
As strange as it is, my passion and love of music is mostly within the acoustic, indie rock genre; that’s what I like to play and perform. My secret love though, is house and electronic music. There’s something about the beats and the multiple elements that make up a musical phrase that gets my blood flowing. Once I discovered Garage Band though, I knew exactly what I was going to do for my project.
With the program, I took the audio from my video clips, the sounds of the violin, keyboard and guitar and separated them from what I filmed. From there I took that audio and moved it into Garage Band where I could create my own beats and rhythms and placed them together. I fooled around with many different sounds and effects and layered them upon each other to create this barrage of sound that didn’t completely make sense, which was exactly the point. I reversed the sound, I faded the sounds in and out. I experimented with echoing, distortion and pitch as well as tempo. I then took the completed audio and placed it with the visual I gathered. I took what I filmed chopped them up, layered them over each other in a random sort of way so that when I put the audio with the visuals, you saw and heard a variety of things.
My idea with this project goes a little deeper than just experimenting with sound and music (as fun as it was). As I was putting this all together I wanted there to be a contrast between what you saw and what you heard. I have come to experience that now a days, we as a society are shown much different than what we hear, and we hear many things different from what we see. With this project I matched up clips with audio that didn’t go together. For instance, throughout the entire short, you hear beats and crazy sounds, but you only see specific instruments, none of which fit the sounds that you hear. In other parts, you hear the violin or the guitar, but you see a keyboard, so what are you choosing to believe? Do you believe what you hear or what you see? What is real? Or are they both real? So then what does that tell us about the environment and society we live in? And even with the images you see, the fact that they’re all distorted and not “normal” makes the confusion that much better which also contributes to the different levels of manipulation and the art of deciphering, which brings me to the idea behind “Musicality.”
While working on this project, I found a new appreciation for expression. It was interesting creating a film project that I was actually able to use in a way that expresses a few of my beliefs and passions. Being able to control something, as little as it is, it gave me a new insight on how I view things (meaning society, the world, film etc.). I wanted to create something different, something more than just a form of entertainment, and I honestly didn’t expect to find that. In a way thought too, the more I analyze it, my video contains much of who I am. I never expected to use film as a new way of expression, but now I’ve learned one more way to do so, all through musicality (and “Musicality”).

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